Isn't It Amazing???

It's amazing how you can have a conversation with someone about something greatly important and 10 minutes later the conversation is completely forgotten. You'd think I'd be used to it by now but I'm not. How do you get through to someone who does this? I sure wish I knew, it would make life a hell of a lot easier and a whole lot smoother.



Well we've decided to send our son Chris back to Oregon to go to school. Well I had the final decision after discussing it in debth with Jer. It all started when I took Chris to the local high school to register. We got the paperwork and sat down to start filling it out. Chris had a few questions so we were fortunate enough to talk to a school administrator, or so we thought. Chris had quite a few questions about the school and how things worked and what kind of programs they had to offer him for his needs. So Chris started asking the administrator questions but he wouldn't answer Chris, he answered the questions to me as if Chris wasn't even there. This really bothered me not only because Chris was finally taking responsibility in asking these questions, but also for the fact that the when the administrator answered the questions, he talked to my chest not me. Even when I had questions for the administrator, he still only talked to my chest... This was a bit disturbing to me. Since when can boobs talk??? Is this a new add on feature or something? So after spending 45 minutes with this person and watching him talk to my boobs, we found out that they don't offer the programs for Chris that he needs or that we feel comfortable with. They say don't judge a book by its cover, but at the same time first impressions usually account for everything. And as we all know, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Jer and I both agree it's come down to sink or swim time for Chris. He will now have to take responsibility for his actions and maybe, hopefully, will end up being more independent. Chris in on quarter by quarter probation period with us, which means that he has to keep his grades at no lower than a "C" or he's on the first plane back and he'll have to figure out how to cope without the programs he needs. Jaimee is taking it extremely hard. He's really going to miss his brother, as will Jer and I. This has been the hardest decision I've had to make since the decision to move here to Utah, and it feels like my heart has been pulled out of my chest and squished, I can't breathe when I think about it, and I've cried alot the last 2 days. The family that he is staying with is really great and they love him a lot. He will be staying with his best friend Jordan and Jordan's mom Candy. Chris and Jordan have been best friends since preschool, and Candy loves him like he's her own. Having him live with them is a good decision because he won't get away with much. His life will consist of school, homework, Jordan's football games, and an occasional disc golf game with his totally awesome teacher. He will also be rejoining the bicycle team they have in his step-up program. I'm going to miss him so much, but for right now it's the best for his educational needs and that has to come first before the fact I'm sad. I want him to do the best he can and he's determined to prove Jer wrong about a few things. No matter what the motivation is he's determined to make it work. I have high hopes for my son and I know someday he will make an amazing man. He's already changed so much and has done a lot of growing up which was partly due to the fact he stayed behind to finish last school year while we moved out here.


Back from Oregon

Well Jaimee n I are back from Oregon. I had a lot of fun with my family n friends. Didn't realize how much I missed Roseburg until I returned to Utah, especially the ocean n the trees!!! My bestie Walter is such a gem, he picked me up from PDX and then took Jaimee and I back the day we had to leave. From the time my plane touched down in Portland, I was off n running. I actually had to schedule everyone in my appointment book so as to not forget anybody, and unfortunately I didn't get to spend all that much time with them. I didn't expect the week to go quite as fast as it did. My poor 94 year old grams go food poisoning Saturday the 25th and is still trying to recover. I sure hope I get to see her again in December, but she's getting really tired and is slowing down so much. I worry that this visit will have been the last time I ever get to see her before she goes to her "great reward" (as my mother calls it). She hates to have her pic taken so I snuck a few of her, but my phone got hungry and ate them and a bunch of others that were special to me, boy that was a huge bummer. I am so happy to have Jaimee back home with me where he belongs: 4 1/2 weeks was way to long to have him gone. Still working on my weight loss, but it was really hard while I was in the burg. It was so hot that I had a hard time eating all I'm supposed to and getting enough of the warm water I'm supposed to drink.


Well I'm leaving for Oregon in 2 days. I am so excited to see my friends n family again. The 4 months I've been away seems like such a long time. I have such a busy schedule while I'm there, so hopefully I'll find time to sleep. lol... I get in to Portland on Friday where my bestie Walter will be waiting to pick me up and take me to my moms house in the burg. Then a bit later it's off to Ten Down to see some old friends from high school. Saturday I'm headed to the ocean with my mom n daughter... WOO HOO!!! Then when I get back from the coast it's off to the second part of the 20 year reunion, I think I'm tagging along with my two BIL's Jason n Shannon, but I'm not sure yet. Sunday it's lunch with the girls, Sarah n Melissa, Maggie, n hopefully Sheila, then I'm staying with Miss Melissa. If Sheila can't make it I gotta squeeze her in somewhere. Monday I'm seeing Amy, the best barista in the world. (this is where I go off my diet to have the most delicious coffee or smoothie I haven't decided which one yet and I can only have one). Then it's off to see my dad, and my son Jaimee, who will be coming back home with me to Utah after almost 5 weeks of not seeing him. Here you probably start to wonder why I don't see him first, well him n I are still joined at the hip and I want him to finish his visiting with everyone, and if I see him first it will never happen. Then I gotta meet up with the other Sarah n Martin so they can have Jaimee for the day. Tuesday I'm going to see my Besties Walter n Gena and then stay at her house. Wednesday I get to see the 2 most fantabulouse hair stylists ever, Gil n Gil jr., Then it's time to grab jaimee n spend more time with my dad and his wife and then my mother, and take Jaimee to say goodbye to his dad, stepmom, n his sister n 2 brothers, and see his bestie Andrew one last time. Walter's picking up early Thursday to take us back up to the airport to fly home. If I could just clone myself about 10 times it would be great. I'm not quite sure how Toby n Holly see everyone in just a week. I'm tired already just thinking about it. It's going to be so hard saying later to everyone again. I like it in Utah, but I sure do miss so many things and people in Oregon. I wish I could stay longer than I am, but then I guess it would make it even harder to leave. Hopefully in December, me n the boys can fly back home to Oregon for winter break. Well that's all for now... Toodles... *****************************************